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hope & healinG

 from a Christian perspective

There is a nagging voice in your head that keeps telling you that if you where a stronger, better Christian you wouldn't be struggling. 

You tell yourself should be able to handle what's on your plate. The guilt of not being grateful for what you have eats away the good moments.


You hate how impatient you are with your kids, your spouse, and the ones you love the most. You promise yourself that will try harder, be kinder, less bitter. 


In those rare moments that you slow down, your body acts like your are dying. You search online for the symptoms and find out you're probably not having a heart attack, but a panic attack. This sucks. As if life wasn't crazy and out of control enough, now your body is freaking out too!


So you do what you have to do. Keep pressing on. I hear you, you tried all the right things to get this fixed. You read the books your wise friend suggested, listened to the podcasts, memorized Bible verses and prayed.


Nothing is changing.

It makes you wonder if God is really good and if you can trust Him. 

Freedom and joy seem like they are for other people. 

Hi! I'm Rebeca and I believe that you were made for more, and that you

(yes, you!) can experience freedom, joy and peace.


You are not alone in your struggle

You can heal and grow.

You can live as the person you were made to be.


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