No one knows how disconnected you are from your faith, family, and friends. On the outside you look like you have it together and by most standards, you have everything you could need or want. On the inside; however, you feel like a fraud. You keep trying to get your head and your heart to agree. Its not working. You're stuck in this cycle of performing and feeling like you will never be enough. You try to "fix yourself" and read relationship articles, listen to podcasts, and pray. Things are out of control and now your body is freaking out too. You keep going through the motions.


Freedom and joy seem like they are for other people. You tell yourself should be able to handle what's on your plate. The guilt of not being grateful for what you do have keeps eating away the good moments. Deep down you long for deeper relationships with God, yourself and others and you have no idea how or where to start.  


Hi! I'm Rebeca Gilbert, I believe that you were made for more and that you (yes, you!) can experience freedom, joy and peace. You can heal and grow. You can live as the person you were made to be. 

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