Christian Counseling

Evidence-based, soul healing work that builds on Christian faith

Clients always get to decide IF and how much faith or faith-based interventions are used in the counseling process. 

For those interested in adding faith to the counseling work, keep reading for more information about my framework. 

I believe that healing is soul work. The most powerful way I know to work is to connect research, Biblical wisdom and practical application. Clients always get to decide IF and how much faith-based interventions are used in the counseling process.


I am passionate about using biblical wisdom and science in the counseling process by combining evidenced-based methods (what research shows works and things that have been proven to help others), biological facts (love including neurobiology-I'm a total brain nerd), and leaning on Biblical wisdom. 


This combination of research/science, Biblical wisdom and practical application enables me to learn from science and draw hope for healing from my faith. Christian faith shapes how I understand pain, relationships, and ultimately gives me hope for healing and restoration. 


Being trained in both theology and psychotherapy enables me to confidently integrate a Christian worldview and faith-based interventions into the counseling process, while observing best practices. This is exciting to me because I can offer you empathy, relief, and help guide you towards soul healing that happens in the gospel.

As a seminary trained pastor's kid who has lived overseas, I have personal experiences and professional training that allows me to work with people who have abuse or neglect in their history, especially those that have suffered abuse by church leaders or authority figures. I am able to provide counseling services in Portuguese as well as serve women in leadership, campus ministry, and missions.

This is really important: If you are not a Christian, or do not want spirituality in your counseling, I'm glad you are here. I respect clients of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds and I am honored to walk along side my clients and include as much or as little spiritual/faith-based work as they choose. 


Christian Counseling & EMDR