There is a wide range of what people mean by Christian and Counseling.

I thought it would be helpful to you if I shared some of what I mean by Christian Counseling. Here are some ways that I DO and do NOT work:  

  1. Im not trying to be your pastor, preacher or minister. My work is about giving you permission to bring all of you, body, mind, and soul to the counseling room without any fear that faith discussions are off the table.  We can include as much (if any) faith, prayer and theology as you choose. 

  2. I do not focus on prayer ministry or healing prayer.  If you are looking for a prayer ministry, there are great options, but its not my focus. Some clients request prayer during our session and I am happy to do that if/ when you choose. 

  3. Shame is not healing.  As a Christian,  I believe that we are all made in God's Image and as image bearers, all humans have deep worth and are wired for love, connection and belonging. I want my clients to experience a compassionate, safe, and caring environment where they can do ANY work they choose. Even offer a safe place to unpack doubts and hurts surrounding their faith. 

  4. It's really not about converting people. I will respect you, regardless of your faith, social and cultural background, race and sexual orientation. You are a valuable person and deserve to treated with respect and professionalism. You don't have to be a Christian for us to work together; however, most of my clients identify as Christians and are seeking their faith to be incorporated in the counseling process.  


Christian Counseling & EMDR