Here are some of common reasons people start working with me:

  • Anxiety ​​

    • Difficulty turning off your mind, especially at night       

    • Body feels constantly on alert

    • Difficulty relaxing and resting                                                                                            

  • Grief & Loss 

    • ​Death of a spouse
    • Death of a parent 
    • Processing news of cancer or disease 
    • Loss of friendship and connections 

  • Spiritual issues

    • Working through spiritual abuse 
    • Unpacking doubts about faith and God

  • Women in ministry  
    • ​Ministry burnout
    • Pastor's kids or wives pressures/fishbowl issues 
    • Confidential support for women in ministry
    • Deal with your stuff so you can serve or go on the mission field                                                                  
  • Traumatic events 

    • Current events and life uncertainties 

    • Adult or childhood abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual)

    • Flashbacks and nightmares

  • Overall sense of frustration and "feeling stuck"

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Simple breathing exercise. 1.Imagine a p

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