Women in Ministry 

You feel called to what you do, you are passionate about teaching, serving and leading, but it comes at a high cost.  The pressure is intense internally and externally.I get it, you live your life in a fishbowl. 

You never know who will be at your house after a long day on the field, or how many people you are feeding at tonight's dinner. You often serve like a counselor, listening to people's stories and carrying their pain, but no one ever taught you how to care for yourself so you don't burn out. 


And unlike other jobs, you can't just shut it off at 5pm! You are always "on" and even on your time off you find yourself helping others, its just how you are wired...which makes you so effective at work and yet so exhausted,  without creativity and patience for the day-to-day grind.


Even when things are going well, who takes care of you as you are pouring into others? Where can you safely bring your own fears, hurt, or even unpack your challenges with feeling like you are never at home, always an outsider...And then there are the parts of your story, your own pain, trauma or abuse that tends to show up when you work in ministry.  

As a seminary trained pastor's kid who has lived overseas, I am passionate about helping women in ministry. I have personal experiences and professional training that allows me to work with people who have abuse or neglect in their history, especially those that have suffered abuse by church leaders or authority figures. I am able to provide counseling services in Portuguese as well as serve women in leadership, campus ministry, and missions.


Christian Counseling & EMDR